Thursday, June 14, 2012

Party Prep, Haircuts and Girls Night

Whew!  Today has been a busy day!  I feel like I've been running the whole day.  Make that the last few days.  I've been preparing this week for Ryan's birthday party on Saturday and my list just grows every day.

I had an early doctors appointment this morning so Matt took Ryan to camp.  Is it bad that I'm glad he got to see the chaos/craziness that happens in the morning before we head out the door?  Of course I do it every day and I have a system down.  Nonetheless Colton was fed, Ryan made it to camp and Matt did an awesome job!

 This is Ryan's new "cheese" smile, not a fan, ha!  He is still so adorable!  Love him!

During naps today my plan was to finish cupcake toppers, decorate cookies and make a cake.  Yeah, didn't happen.  Instead I shopped online for some awesome deals on summer clothes for the boys next year and chatted with my neighbor.  Somehow the time got away from me!  Hate when that happens.  

 After naps I took the boys to get their haircut.  Colton wasn't in desperate need but once I saw her shaping it up I realized it really needed a little trim.  I will post after pics tomorrow but he looks SO adorable!  I could eat him with a spoon.  

Colton was SO easy getting his haircut.  He was totally content chewing on this toy and watching Doc McStuffins.  He did awesome.  Wish Ryan was that easy.  

 Overall Ryan did great.  He still wouldn't wear the cape but we will try again next time.  He was a little squirmy and fussy at first but he soon warmed up to Mrs. Jamie and settled down.  He was so excited afterward that he got to take the broom and dustpan and clean up the hair on the floor.  

I promised him we would get ice cream if he did good so we stopped at the whippy dip on the way home.  

Tonight I had a girls night out with some girlfriends.  We had the best time.  It was nice to get out and enjoy some adult conversations and girl time.  We did a little shopping afterwards and I'm excited I found a cute shirt for our upcoming family pictures. 

What a day, a great day!  I'm ready to crawl in bed soon as I remember vividly three years ago, being in the hospital in labor, getting ready to meet my first born son.  Can't believe Ryan was born three years ago.  Seems just like yesterday!  Love that monkey boy!!!

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