Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Water Boys

 Today the boys played in the water all day!  Ryan had camp this morning.   Colton and I spent some good quality time while Ryan was at camp.  

 We picked up Ryan from camp and headed to our friends neighborhood pool.  Ryan had a blast playing in the water with his friends.  Colton seriously ate the entire time we were there, ha!  We were only there about a hour and a half.  I fed him lunch and after his bottle I just let him snack on some cheerios.  

 The boys were super worn out from playing so they took great afternoon naps.  Yay for summertime naps!  After naps I finally got out Ryan's water table and let the boys play.  They had a blast and as you can see Colton even played a little.  He was just basically hanging on the side but he liked it and didn't fuss.  Fun times for all!

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