Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Ryan

Ryan, you are three years old today!  I can hardly believe it!  It seems JUST like yesterday that we were at the hospital awaiting your big arrival.  We were so surprised you were a boy but thrilled to death.  The past 35 months have been above and beyond anything we could imagine.  You are such a blessing and just so adorable! 

You are the sweetest little boy.  You are so kind hearted and sweet!  You are so caring and kind to all your friends.  Lately you want me to hold you like a baby and snuggle.  You are a very busy little guy. You don't stop.  You are such a rule follower and always make sure everyone is following the rules.  You are VERY strong willed and you like things your way.  You say the funniest things!  

Your life changed a little bit this year when your little brother was born.  You handled it so well and are so sweet to him.  You love to bring him toys and make him smile.  You are starting to play more and more together.  I pray ya'll will be best friends!

Today on your birthday daddy, mommy and Colton took you to the pool at Lifetime.  You had an absolute blast and played so hard.  It was a beautiful and hot day, perfect day to be at the pool!  You absolutely love the water.  You love the pool and your water table.  We had lunch at the pool then came home for naps.  

You are a tall, skinny boy.  You still weigh right at 30lbs and are 39 inches tall.  You are tall and slim.  You wear size 2T shorts, 3T pants and shirts, a size 7.5 shoe.  You know your numbers, colors, letters and shapes. You are so smart and astound me daily with what you can say and express.  You communicate so well now!

You love listening to music in the car.  We sing along most of the time.  Sometimes you tell mommy to stop singing so you can sing. 
After naps we took you to Red Robin for his birthday dinner.  You ate some of your hamburger and all of your fries.  You love you some french fries...who doesn't?

 We came home to open your birthday presents and have some cake.  You were very excited to open presents this year!  You got Cars dive sticks to play in the pool, a small water gun for the pool, a new monkey towel, the movie Cars 2, golf clubs, hungry, hungry hippo, pajamas and a new water table.  You love it all of course.  You are obsessed with hungry hungry hippo now and ask to play it all the time, ha!

 Very excited about your new Cars 2 DVD!

You are very social and love to play with your friends.  You had the best time going to school (MDO) this year.  I know you are going to love preschool next year.

We have been so blessed to be your parents.  I pray every day that you will love Jesus and live for Him.  You are so precious and we love you so much! 


Kelly M said...

Happy Birthday, Ryan! I love that you gave him Hungry Hungry Hippo! When we found out we were pregnant with Beatrice, I promised myself we'd buy a copy when she was old enough. I always loved it when I was a child! I'm so glad he likes it too!

Tiff said...

Awe, such a sweet post! Can't believe how FAST they are growing up!! Happy Birthday, sweet Ryan!! Please plan a visit to Nashville to see us sometime!! :)
ps You look great, SUMMER! Can't wait to lose my baby weight and get out of these ugly maternity clothes! lol

Courtney said...

Happy Birthday to your little one. He sounds like a sweet little guy.