Monday, June 4, 2012

Perfect Summer Weekend

 What a great start to June! We had a great weekend!  Saturday we went to a friends 1st birthday party and had so much fun.  There were only two boys there and lots a girls but Ryan didn't seem to mind.  He made some cute new friends.  

(Ryan leaned over to give Colton a hug - sweet brothers)
 Sunday we went to church then came home for lunch and naps.  It was such a gorgeous day that after naps we headed over to a new park they just opened in our little town.  It was so fun!  Ryan loved it and had a blast running all over the place.  They also have a fun splash pad.  We didn't bring extra clothes so we just stuck with the park part and Ryan seemed ok with that.  I told him next time we will bring his swim suit so he can play in the water.  

Colton swung in the swing the entire time.  He loved it!  I think he could swing the entire day!  We came home and grilled burgers for dinner.  They were so good I almost died!  It was the perfect summer sunday.  

 This week Ryan is doing summer camp at the school he did mother's day out.  He was so excited when I got him up this morning and told him he was going to camp at school.  I dropped Ryan off then Colton and I headed to Kroger.  I put C down for his nap and I ran on the treadmill.  

I love getting my workout done in the morning!  It means I can get so much accomplished during nap time.  My plan for the week is to workout at home during Colton's morning nap and work on some projects during afternoon nap time.  Some of my projects include ordering Colton's birthday invites, working on Ryan's birthday banner and cupcake toppers, continue working on their photo books (Colton's is half way and I haven't started on Ryan's) and organize the boys clothes from birth to 12 months.  

I really need to do this last one.  Since both my boys were born in June Colton has worn most of Ryan's hand me downs.  As he grew out of them I just shoved them in tote boxes.  My goal is to go through them, decide what we will keep, just in case we have another boy, and what I want to give away.  Hope I can get through part of my list this week! 

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Julie said...

I have two boys too---aren't the clothes SO overwhelming?!?! I think I could start my own shop but we are hanging on to most just in case too:) Love the matching shirts on the boys!