Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Weekend at the Lake

This weekend Matt's Uncle Steve and Aunt Teresa invited us down to their house on Norris Lake in TN.  We were really excited for a fun weekend at the lake.  

Friday afternoon we had a storm blow through (the same storm that hit most of the midwest and a lot of the east coast).  It knocked out our power so we made the kids pb&j sandwiches for dinner and finished packing the car to head out of town.  

 It's a four hour drive and we left about 7pm.  We got stuck in traffic some which pushed us back about 45 minutes.  Once you get off the interstate you follow this very winding road for about 45 minutes before you arrive at their house.  It's full of hairpin turns and just not fun in the dark.  Colton slept about an hour but Ryan didn't sleep at all.  He just watched Mickey Mouse and Bubble Guppies.  

While on the curvy backroads Ryan said he was cold.  My first thought was the AC but I quickly realized he was car sick.  About 30 seconds later he threw up in the car.  Awesome!  Ryan has never thrown up.  Glad we made it this far but that was SO not fun cleaning up.  Poor little guy was just miserable and scared.  

 Once we arrived at the lake house we had a wonderful time.  The boys had the best time on the boat.  Poor Colton was not very comfortable and super hot in his life vest.  He only rode on the boat once the whole weekend.  Ryan loved the boat and jumped on declaring "I drive".  Hahaha!  

Ryan absolutely loved the lake and had the best time.  He played on the dock with this float, a water bottle and a rope for HOURS!!!  He rode on the tube with me and squealed with delight.  He kept saying faster, faster.  He also rode on the jet ski with Uncle Steve.  I think we got a lake boy on our hands!  It was so fun and we can't wait to go back.  

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