Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Swim Lessons

 Ryan has been going to swim lessons this week!  It's been good and bad.  On Monday, the first day, he did ok.  No major meltdowns and he mostly following directions from Ms. Cindy, the instructor.  Yesterday was awful.  He wanted nothing to do with swim lessons and would not listen or follow directions from Ms. Cindy.  

Today was a great day at swim lessons.  He followed directions and dug with his arms, kicked his legs, and blew bubbles. Yay! He even went down the little slide about three times.  I'm learning, as of late, the way to get him to do something is to tell him what a big boy he is and remind him he's a big three year old now.  
 We are back on the potty training kick.  Dr. H said on Monday that he is physically ready but he needs to be ready.  Like I mentioned, I've been really talking up him being a big boy now.  He has successfully and willingly gone potty the last 1.5 days.  Today I started putting him on the potty every hour.  I know when he's wearing underwear it will be more often.  I'm just so glad he is willingly go sit on the potty now.  

 I started a sticker chart about a month ago and we abandoned it when he just started refusing to go.  He wanted to put his stickers on the chart again so we resumed.  I told him if he gets all the stickers on the chart his reward would be a milkshake.  Well this morning he got all his stickers so we headed to get a milkshake after naps.  It just so happened that Sonic was having 1/2 price shakes all day today.  Perfect!  Ryan basically ate all his milkshake.  He shared about three sips with me.  

I'm making a new sticker chart tonight.  Here's hoping for continued success with the potty!

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