Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day 2012

 I want to give a big shout out to my sweet daddy.  I am a total daddy's girl and love my dad so much.  He is the most giving and patient person i've ever met.  Thank you dad for always being there and always being the best dad and now the best granddad!  

  The three most handsome men!

Father's day was great this year.  Matt and I didn't get each other anything for mother's day or father's day besides a card.  I know, it sounds pitiful.  I told Matt I just want a manicure, pedicure and message really soon and he wants a massage so we will schedule those soon.  

Think this is my favorite picture of Matt and Colton to date!
We started the day with church then came home for lunch and naps. 

The boys got up from their naps and I was getting everything ready to head to the in-laws for dinner.  I took the dogs out and Annabelle took off running after a neighbor kid going through our backyard (we don't have a fence, just an invisible fence for the dogs).  I ran after her, with Colton on my hip, but I didn't see where she went.  Finally after 20 minutes I found her two doors down just chilling in the neighbors yard!  ARGGGG!  Sometimes I think the dogs are more work than the kids.  

When I finally came back in I found Ryan in the pool on the deck! Awesome!  He was dressed and ready to go.  Oh well, that's life right.  Just had to laugh at that point. 

 We finally made it to Papou and Yaya's house.  Colton spending time with Papou.  

 Ryan blowing bubbles!  He puts his mouth right on the wand even after we tell him to hold it out and blow.  

 Papou helping

 We had a delicious dinner and great fellowship with family.  The boys did great and were well behaved.  It was a good time and we were glad to celebrate all the dads in our life.

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