Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ryan's 3rd Birthday Party

On Saturday, June 16, we celebrated Ryan's birthday at Little Gym.  We had his 2nd birthday there last year and since he had so much fun we decided to have his 3rd birthday there.  

 Loved the colors in the invite.  I found the invite on easy and just ran with the theme and colors. 

 The decorations in the party room!  

Ryan's birthday banner.  His invite had the banner so I used scrapbook paper and ribbon to create his birthday banner.  I think it turned out really cute. 

 Cupcakes!  Yum!  


Firetruck and fire hydrant cookies I made for favors.  They turned out super cute!

 The kids had a BLAST playing in the gym.  They were a lot more rambunctious and wild this year.  Hanging around like monkeys - Kathleen, Ryan and Bret.

Ryan's little friend Elizabeth and her daddy Richard.

Some of our favorite friends Anissa, Richard, Quinn and Elizabeth

He was saying "cheeeeeese" here!  Cracks me up!  Adorable little Scott in the background.

More friends - Tiffany and Judah, Monica holding Colton and her husband Mike with Matthew.  Matthew is just adorable and loves "baby Colton".

Krista and Jameson, Jennifer and Bret

Two silly boys!

Love ryan's shirt!  I ordered off etsy from pumpkin butter kids.  It's SO cute and she used the softest and nicest tshirts.  I'm fighting the urge to order more shirts for the boys!  It's a disease, i know!

Wedding Pictures!!!!  Dying over the cuteness of these two!  I could eat these two cuties up!  They were very interested in each other, ha!

Will catching some air!  

The best picture we got of most of the kiddos.  Quick, take a picture before they move!

 Jameson, Kathleen and Quinn!  The kids had pizza, fruit, juice boxes and cupcakes!  The adults enjoyed some too!  

 Will, Bret, Ryan and Josh

Ryan pretty much entailed his juice drink and hardly touched his pizza. Go figure!  He did enjoy his cupcake of course.  

It was such a fun birthday celebration.  We are so blessed and thankful for all our friends and family that came to celebrate Ryan's special day!


Kelly M said...

Summer, that was such a cute party! It looks like everyone had a great time and your cookies look amazing. I can't believe Ryan is 3 already!

mackyton said...

Ryan's 3rd Birthday Party is gorgeous. This venue is very adorable and quite spacious at the very same time. At a local LA venue we also would celebrate our twin’s birthday and that is also quite spacious so the kids as well as adults can have good time doing different activities over there.