Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Three Year Check-up

Yesterday we had Ryan's three year check up.  I still cannot believe he is three years old.  Tonight when I was putting him to bed we were talking about him being a big boy and a big three year old.  He is so sweet and so funny!

He weighs 29.6 lbs (35th percentile) and 38 3/4 inches tall (75th percentile).  Since they measured him up against the wall for the first time they think his height might be a little off.  At two years he measured 90th percentile for height.   I don't think he was standing straight and pretty sure he's closer to 39 inches.  They also took his blood pressure for the first time.  

The doctor was very pleased with his speech and his knowledge of colors, shapes and letters.  

This little guy thought he was the funny man during our appointment.  I don't know if it was because his voice echoed in the room or what but he was so chatty and squealing.  He totally knows he's cute!  Thankfully he quieted down during the appointment so I could hear the doctor.

Overall we got a great report for Ryan!  We talked a lot about potty training.  He said it's basically a controlling thing with him and I just need to be patient and keep prompting him to sit on the potty.  He said he will get to the point where he wants to be a big boy and do big boy things.  

 We came home and played in the water.  Ryan had a blast playing in his new water table and Colton loved his new little pool.  

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