Monday, June 11, 2012

A Benefit, the Pool and a Date Night

Friday night I went to a benefit at the zoo for our neighbor Randy who was recently diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder.  They had an amazing turnout and raised a lot of money.  Matt stayed home with the boys since Colton goes to bed so early.  We knew he would be a bear if we took him.  

It was so neat to see so many people loving on this wonderful family.  I'm so glad they have such a huge support system around them.  Praying every day for Randy.  

Saturday we chilled at home in the morning then took the boys to the pool around lunchtime.  The lows the past few days were in the 50's so the pool water was COLD!!!  Ryan didn't seem to mind.  He had a blast.  

Of course when we go to the pool I feel like we end up packing half the house, especially if we eat lunch there.  I thought I had everything until we got pool and I realized I forgot Colton's swim shorts. Oops!  Oh well, I just put him in his swim diaper and swim shirt.  The boys had a blast and they were worn out by the time we got home.  Yay for great afternoon naps.  

My in-laws came over Saturday night so Matt and I could go on a date night with our friends the Walkers.  We went to Outback, one of my favorites, and it was SO yummy.  We had a wonderful time with Ryan and Leah.  They are such a fun couple and we love hanging out with them.   We can't wait to do it again!

This is me and the boys before church sunday morning.  Love these boys so much!  I am in complete denial that Ryan is turning three in 5 days and my baby Colton is turning one in 16 days.  Oh my sweet boys are growing up before my eyes. 

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