Monday, April 2, 2012

Busy Monday

Today has been a super busy day around here! This morning I dropped Ryan off at MDO and came home and began cooking. I cooked while Colton ate some bananas! I was signed up to take dinner tonight for a friend from Bible study who just had her third baby. Her family is fairly new to the area and I love that so many people have signed up to take them dinner.

I decided to make pioneer woman lasagna because it's fairly easy and it makes a lot so there would be plenty for leftovers. I doubled the recipe and made one for our family for dinner.
We were scheduled to take Colton's nine month pictures yesterday but they got rained out. We rescheduled them for this afternoon. Our zoo has the most amazing and beautiful flowers this time of year. In fact it's called "Zoo Blooms". They had hundreds and hundreds of the most colorful tulips.

I finished up the lasagna while the boys took short naps this afternoon before we headed to the zoo for the photo shoot. The boys wore their Easter outfits and were too cute for words. So many people passed us going "aw, how cute". I can't wait to see the proofs. Amy always does an amazing job and is so easy to work with.
After our photo shoot we got stuck in 5 o'clock traffic. Boy, I don't miss rush hour traffic at all. We dropped off dinner at my friends and finally headed home.

Good thing dinner was already made because I don't think I would have had the energy. I was exhausted when we got home and now I'm so glad to be chilling on the couch. As soon as I finish I'm heading to bed, ha!

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