Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

What a wonderful Easter we have had. Our Easter church service this morning was great!
We have been so blessed to have my parents here to celebrate the holiday. I love everything about Easter! I love Easter candy, cute bunnies and eggs, the beginning of springtime, enjoying family time and of course celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. I am so thankful and overwhelmed with His love for me.
Ryan and Colton woke up to find their Easter baskets this morning. Colton didn't have as much as Ryan since he is only nine months old and doesn't care or understand yet. Colton got a teddy bear, mickey mouse pajamas, his first pair of shoes and some puffs and cheerios. Ryan got sticker books, M&M's, bubbles, a new cars toothbrush, a bath loofa and new mickey mouse pajamas.
Ryan enjoying his new treats! His favorite thing might have been the bubbles. He was asking all day to go out and blow bubbles.
We put the boys down for their nap and enjoyed lunch with my parents, Matt's parents and his sister Erin and her husband Brad. It was nice to enjoy lunch without the interruption of little ones.
Colton decided to join us after lunch. He enjoyed some left over green beans and some squash.
After Ryan's nap Matt, Erin and Brad went outside to hide Easter eggs. Ryan was super excited to go out and hunt for Easter eggs.
I was afraid he was enjoying finding eggs so much that he would say "again again" once he found them all. When he was finished Matt and Brad kept sneaking eggs out of his basket to hide for him to find.
It was such a wonderful day and we are so blessed with a loving family and such a wonderful Savior!

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