Monday, April 23, 2012

Baby Shower and Colton Update

Saturday I went to a baby shower for Matt's cousin Nancy.  The shower was adorable!  It was a yellow and denim theme and just really cute.  Nancy and Jake are super excited to welcome their first baby, a little boy named Grayson, in June.  
My sister in law Erin, me and Matt's Aunt Teresa (she is married to Matt's Uncle Steve).
How cute is this huge stuffed giraffe. So cute!  Nancy got tons of cute stuff at the shower.  It was so fun to hang out with family we don't see very much.  
Connie and Jane did an amazing job.  The attention to detail was amazing.  Connie is so talented and sewed all these adorable things for the shower.  She made utensil holders out of blue jeans and she made this adorable bear out of the blue jeans.  She got 15 pairs of blue jeans at goodwill and I don't think she wasted one piece of them.  She even made coasters from the seams.  She's amazing!

Such a cute cake!

Saturday night we went down to the street to celebrate our friends Josh and Jake's 3rd birthday party.  It was so fun and we had a blast at their little party.  

So this morning we had Colton's evaluation to see about physical therapy.  The evaluation was great and the therapists were wonderful.  They watched and played with Colton.  He worked hard and turned on his charm.  

Well it was good news and bad news.  He does not qualify for physical therapy with their program.  They did a whole test and score from 1 to 50 and he scored a 6.  They start treating at a 5.  I'm thankful he is not considered "delayed" but want to help him as best I can.  It's crazy that he just started rolling a few days ago and if he hadn't he would have qualified. 

The PT was great and showed me some exercises I can do with him to help.  She said he needs to be on his knees more  and I need to put him down away from his toys.  Ryan is basically his real life tv.  He is totally content sitting and watching him.  He needs to play on his knees at a low surface and even sit cross legged.  I am confident with all these new exercises he will be on the move in no time.  

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