Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I have been working with Colton today on crawling, pulling up and just strengthening his muscles. He did so well today! I got him to get on all fours and stay for a few seconds!

I got in touch with the agency for physical therapy to set up an evaluation for Colton. At first they told me it was going to be three weeks, which is frustrating since I want to get this ball rolling and get him moving. Thankfully they have an opening Monday morning which will be perfect since Ryan will be at MDO.
It was so beautiful and warm outside today! The boys had a blast playing in the backyard.

Tonight we went to an Art Show at Ryan's MDO school. Matt had to work late and had Bible study so it was just me and the boys. Ryan LOVED seeing his teachers and his friends. Of course the highlight for him was getting a cookie, ha! I loved seeing all the art work Ryan has been working on all year!
And just for my own personal records! Here is some of his artwork we saw tonight!

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Lacy said...

How fun to have a art show at the MDO. I think that is a really great idea..

I hope you get the answers you need & want on Monday with your sons PT.

My daughter who is 8 months old has been doing PT & OT since she was four months old. :)