Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Crew Playdate

 This morning the Joseph Crew came over for a playdate.  Heather is an amazing mom.  She works part time, takes care of her cutie pies Will who is almost 3 and sweet Caroline who will be one next month, and takes care of her husband and the household.  Her house is always so clean and everything is in place.  She is one of my favorite friends and is always so encouraging.  She is just the real deal and I love that!
I am completely dying over these two cuties.  Oh my goodness I could seriously eat them with a spoon.  They were so cute and so into checking each other out.  

Colton and Caroline are apart of an arranged marriage. ;) They used to be in the church nursery together until miss Caroline moved up to the next class since she is a woman on the move.  Hopefully they will be reunited in the nursery again soon.  So adorable I can hardly stand it! 

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Heather Joseph said...

awwwwwwwwww.....you are too kind. thanks for loving us!! :) and OH MY WORD, could these two babies be any yummier!? Don't think so!! hurry colton, hurry...come join Liney in the new class!! xoxoxo