Monday, April 16, 2012

Quiet Weekend

We had a very quiet weekend around here. Saturday Matt had to go in to work so it was just me and the boys all morning. I was going to run a few errands but it was rainy and yucky out all day We stayed home in our pi's, made pancakes and watched Mickey Mouse.

Saturday night we went on a double date with our fun friends Jim and Sally. We used to be in a small group with them and we love hanging out with them. He laughed until our stomachs hurt. Gabrielle watched the boys for us and did an amazing job as usual. We had a wonderful time on our date and can't wait to go out again.
Yesterday I was trying to get pictures of the boys before church and this is what happened when they sat on the couch next to each other. Ryan's glow doodle was on the couch so he picked it up and Cotlon decided he wanted it. Thankfully only a few tears were shed. I can't believe the sibling rivalry has already started. Oh boy!!!!

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