Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This and That

This morning we had Ryan's speech evaluation. We saw his ENT a couple weeks ago and I shared with him that Ryan is finally talking but he slurs many of his words. I understand most of what he says but other people have trouble understanding him sometimes. He said he did notice and referred him to have a speech evaluation.

We met with Roxanne, the Speech Therapist, and Ryan instantly liked her and they hit it off. We watched on camera from an observation room. Ryan did awesome! I am so happy to report that Ryan is average and above average in his speech development. Yay!!! He is right on track for his age! What a peace of mind!!! The therapist said he is a fast talker and that's part of the reason things come out slurred. Funny since Matt and I are both talkers! So thankful for a healthy and sweet little boy!
I am so proud of my husband who passed him personal training certification a few weeks ago. He has been studying since the end of December! He is now a certified personal trainer. Right now he works full time as an engineer but he wants to do some personal training on the side. It's always been a dream of his and I'm so proud and excited to see him accomplish such a big goal.

By the way he has lost around 25 lbs since Januaray (so frustrating he always loses weight faster and easier than me) and I have lost almost 20 lbs. Woohoo for taking off those pounds. We've been working hard and it's paying off!
And of course Colton has just been yummy all day!
I am LOVING these two jonjons I ordered off Etsy for Colton this summer! They are ADORABLE and I cannot wait to put them on him. The 1 with the monkey is his birthday outfit! Is he really going to be ONE in just over two months???? What in the world!!!

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lane, kelli and the boys said...

I love the Jon-Jon's! We did the mod monkey for ledger's 1st birthday and it just made for a really cute party. Your boys are precious.