Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mops Easter Egg Hunt

This morning we went to my friend Laura's house for our Mops Easter egg hunt. It was so fun and the boys had the best time. My friend Laura found this adorable craft for the kids. We all brought snacks and enjoyed a yummy brunch.

Colton just pretty much wanted me to hold him the whole time. Towards the end he just wanted to sleep and finally did on the way home. Bless this sweet thing!
Betsy and her son Eli doing their craft. Ella, Laura's daughter, was showing me her birds nest.
Ryan's cute bird nest. All the kids enjoyed the craft...for about 10 min, then they just scattered like the wind, ha! At one point I looked around the table and only us moms were left putting on the finishing touches onto the craft. Hilarious! Why do we care if the craft gets done? I have no idea.
It was time to head outside for our big Easter egg hunt. I have no idea how we got all the kids to line up and sit still for more than 2 seconds. They were so cute and ready to find some eggs. They are all saying "Hoppy Easter"!
It was a little chilly but lots of fun. Ryan loved getting the eggs and looking inside to find his treat.
It was such a good morning and fun thing to do at Easter. We are looking forward to a family-filled fun Easter weekend! Here's to more Easter egg hunts, yummy Easter candy and celebrating that our Savior is risen! He is risen indeed!

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