Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oh what a day!

Well today started off alot different than I had planned. Last night Ryan was fussy, running a fever and pulling on his ears. So after he woke up crying (very abnormal for him) at 7AM I called the doctor and schedule an appointment to get his ears looked at. We headed in to the doctor and sure enough he has a right ear infection. It's the same ear as just a month ago. I don't think he completely got over the last infection. Hopefully this time we can nip it in the bud.
In all honesty he slept great last night and was eating well like normal. This morning he was crabby until he got some food in his belly. Bless his heart! As you can see he did have a little smile while at the doctor. I hope this is the last infection for a LONG time. I hate seeing my baby sick. Makes me so sad seeing him in pain.
Ryan thinks he won the jackpot hahaha!!! Of course he picks up my wallet from the diaper bag over all his toys and other stuff in there. It turned out to be a good day and we even grabbed some lunch out while picking up his prescription. He's the best lunch date a girl can ask for!

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Summer said...

Girl your day sounded like my Wednesday! I am so glad ya'll caught it quick so that he will be healed up quick quick! He looks so cute and I love your wallet? Is that Vera Bradley? I haven't saw that pattern before bt if it is I am gonna have to get it LOL....

Kelcee woke up Wednesday with a puss pocket on her big toe that was from her Toe Nail that has never grown in properly so off to the ped and they had to lance it....she did good but I was a nervous wreck then they had to give her a vaccine since I am on all this chemo so that she won't get sick so she wasn't a happy camper poor thing! They gave us antibiotics and creams and then that night my brother came in on a train and we went to pick him up and the train was two hours late ugggg!! So my Wednesday sounds like your yesterday LOL

Hope today we both have a great one

Summer :0)