Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Leftovers

Friday night we went to dinner with Uncle Steve, Aunt Teresa, Aunt BB (Brenda), James, Erin and baby Cooper. Cooper is Erin's 3 month old little boy and he is adorable. It's hard to believe Ryan was that small not too long ago. Ryan was totally taken by him. I was holding him and Ryan just wanted to touch him and figure out what this thing was in my lap. It was so cute.
Already trying to buddy up with Cooper, ha! They look like they are talk to each other here. Ryan couldn't keep his hands off him!
This is how I found Ryan during his morning nap on Saturday. Hilarious! Didn't even bother him one bit. He usually loves to sleep with his little bootie up in the air, ha! So cute!
Today was another rainy day so we chilled at home after the gym this morning. It finally stopped raining this afternoon so we took a stroll around the neighborhood. Ryan tried grapes today for the first time and he really liked them. I cut them in half and it just takes more time for him to chew them up. He had absolutely no interest in the sippy cup today. We will try the straw sippy tomorrow. I can't believe we will be off formula in a month!

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