Friday, May 14, 2010

Book Worm

One of my favorite things to do with Ryan is reading with him! He loves books (even though he usually likes to eat them, ha). We always read a story to him before bed each night. He seems to understand the books more and more each day. These are some of his favorite books. I love this book. It's cute and fun and reminds of that God loves us all the way down to the little hairs on our head.
This book was given to Ryan by his Aunt Teresa and it's one of his favorites. I think Ryan is going to love Elmo. He always has a big smile when we read this book and on the last page when the BIG Elmo pops up he just smiles from ear to ear!
We read this book every single night. It was given to Ryan by one of Matt's co-workers who said it was his kids favorite book when they were little. It's really cute and Ryan loves it! I just recently got a couple more books by this same author since I like this book so much.
My hope and prayer is that Ryan will grow up to love books. We have been so blessed that my Aunt Teresa, who is a teacher, has given Ryan SOOOOO many books already. I am so thankful for that! I look forward to the day Ryan will pull a book on his shelf and come crawl into bed and ask me to read him a story. Such sweet and precious moments!

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Summer said...

What cute books! I am so gonna have to buy the first one for Kelcee! I read to her all the time too! I actually started reading to her when she was in my belly! I know I probably looked like a crazy person reading to my ever expanding belly but I read in parenting magazine that it comforts the baby and makes them smarter! Sooo that is just what I did LOL...

Oh girl just wait until he picks a book and runs up to you with it just melts your heart, I love when Kelcee picks a book up to read over a toy! So precious....