Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dog days of summer

We started out our morning by taking Gracie to the vet. She was due for her yearly exam and vaccinations. Let me tell you...taking a dog and baby to the vet is no easy task. I used to take Annabelle and Gracie at the same time but not anymore. I can only handle one at a time. Gracie did great and enjoyed all the attention. They thought Ryan was quit cute and handsome as well!
By the time I got home I put Ryan down for his morning nap I got a call from the vet telling me Annabelle was overdue for her vaccination and I needed to bring her in. They were able to work us in this afternoon so we headed back after Ryan's afternoon nap. I ran during Ryan's nap. When I got done he must of just woke up because I heard him just chattering away over the monitor. It cracked me up.
This boy is climbing and into EVERYTHING. I was making dinner tonight and it looked like a tornado hit our house by the time Matt got home. I should have taken a picture. The dog boxes were flipped over and moved out of place, the contents of the diaper bag where on the kitchen floor and there were multiple toys all over the floor. All the joys of having a TODDLER. In just a few weeks he will be a TODDLER, so hard to believe.

I must tell you about the dinner I made tonight. I love to bake but I do NOT like to cook. Tonight I decided to make tomato with meat sauce to put over spaghetti. I got the recipe from our mentor mom at MOPS. Oh my goodness! It was SO yummy! I was surprised it came out so well! Matt absolutely loved it! He said it was the best thing i've ever made (minus sweets). Can't wait to share the recipe with you tomorrow. Oh and Ryan ate so many slices of peaches tonight I lost count. That boy went to bed STUFFED, ha! I just love it when he eats well.


Summer said...

Well you sure did have a doggy day literally ha ha! Your pups are presh and so is that cute boy of yours :0)

I am glad that Ryan took a nappy nap for ya and you were able to run! Oh girl welcome to toddler hood about the mess we always say here comes hurricane Kelcee LOL....

Oooh can't wait for you to share that recipe....we love us some spaghetti....

Summer :0)

Queen Bee said...

I can sympathize with the whole vet visit with kids... we're like a walking zoo when we bring our pup in. They always laugh at the craziness when we walk in the door!