Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

We have had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend here at our house. I am so blessed to have a wonderful mother. She loves me unconditionally and loves Ryan that much more. She loves Matt and totally accepts him like her own son. She is the best mom and nana anyone can have. Love you momma!!!
Last night Matt and I had a date night while Ryan hung out with his grandparents. We went to J.Alexanders then Borders to look around. I bought a couple books for Ryan and the new Laura Bush memoir. Have you seen it or seen her doing interviews? She was on Oprah last week and it was a great interview. I just love her! She seems so down to earth and so sweet! I can't wait to dive into her book!
I had the best mother's day today! This morning Ryan snuggled in the bed with me and Matt. He is quit the wiggle worm but this morning he just wanted to snuggle with momma. My heart almost burst with joy. We went to church this morning and afterwards Ryan and Matt took me to Mimi's for lunch.
Ryan fell asleep in the car on the way to Mimi's but thankfully there was a 45 min wait once we arrived so we just sat in the car and let him sleep. I thought he would be real good after his nap but not so much. He was good until he finished eating. After that he just wanted to be held. I think he was still tired.
Tonight we went to dinner with Matt's dad and step mom, Matt's sister Erin and her husband Brad. Ryan was really good the whole time. We got to the place early to try to get some pics in the square for Ryan's birthday party invitations. I need to order them soon.
These are some of the pics we got but none that I was crazy about. They are too dark. I wish I knew what I was doing wrong. I need to take a photography class so bad. I'm taking a little one in a couple weeks. It's just a 2 hour thing but maybe it will help. I think we might go back to the same spot tomorrow to try to get a good picture. Tomorrow is the only nice day this week. Tuesday on they are calling for rain, yuck!
I had such a wonderful first mother's day! I love my sweet boys (and my sweet girls Annabelle and Gracie). I am so blessed beyond measure and thank God every day for all He has done. Thank you Matt and Ryan for the best mother's day!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy First Mother's Day Summer!!I am so glad you had a great day and you should know that Ryan is Blessed beyond measure to have you as his MOMMA!!!!


Courtney Rogers said...

Happy Mother's Day (sorry I'm late)!!! I'm so glad you had a wonderful day, and yes those morning snuggles are the best! I,too can't wait to read Laura Bush's new book!