Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Picnic and a snack

This morning we had Ryan's check up appointment from his ear infection a couple weeks ago. He checked out great and is perfectly healthy. After Ryan's appointment we headed to the park to meet up with Anissa and Elizabeth.
This little boy was so excited to swing and enjoy the beautiful weather. He is always so smiley and such a good boy. It's so much fun being his mom!
I packed a lunch for both of us. I can't wait til he can walk and actually play on the playground.
Miss Elizabeth looking adorable. She's such a cutie pie. When they were playing on the blanket they were trying to steal each others toys.
And I must confess this is my favorite snack right now. Have you tried these? Oh my, they are so good and even better with a cold diet coke. Funny how I used to hate diet coke and loved regular coke but now I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE diet coke. What's your favorite snack?

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Summer said...

Ryan is just presh and so is Elizabeth love her hat! I just heart picnics at the park with Kelcee! It is so fun when they start running and playing!!

Oooh I haven't tried the smores goldfish but now I am gonna I love me some smores ha! Diet Coke is my fav....if you can be addicted to it then I totally am! LOL....ya know funny thing with me to I used to hate diet coke and would only drink coke and I met Greg and all he drank was diet so I gave it a try and I started liking it and now Coke tastes awful to me....to sweet LOL....so wierd I know....

Summer :0)