Monday, September 23, 2013

Our Weekend

It was a beautiful fall weekend here!  We have had a tradition lately of making homemade pancakes for breakfast on Saturday morning!  The boys slept in past 9, hallelujah!!!  So thankful for this age that they will sleep in especially on Saturday mornings.  We started our weekend with pancakes. 

Ryan got up early from his nap/quiet time and Matt needed to study so I took Ryan with me to run some errands at the mall.  He was good for the most part except he kept asking to go play with the trains (in the toy store).  

Sunday we went to church and came home for lunch and naps.  It was a nice relaxing day finished up by playing in the backyard with the boys!

Loving these cool fall days!  We are spending time outside as much as possible before it gets too cool!  

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kellimoss said...

LOVE those matching brothers!! You know i'm a sucker for them :)