Monday, September 9, 2013


The boys are really starting to look alike to me in this picture.  I always think they look so different but I'm realizing how much they really do look alike.  

Our weekend was very low key.  The boys and I went to Target Saturday morning to finish up Ryan's school supply list and then we just chilled the rest of the afternoon into evening.  

Ryan enjoys watching watching football now on saturday but Colton would prefer "fia" aka Sophia the First.  He's slightly obsessed.  Colton is so funny and learning new words every day.  I'm so thankful his language is catching up.  Makes it a whole lot easier to know what he wants.  

I love this picture of the boys!  This is Ryan saying "get a picture of my cars mommy" - while concentrating on watching Doc McStuffins.  And Colton is saying "yay, go Vols" - we taught him over the weekend.  Teaching that boy right!  Ryan says "yay, go Vols" now after any team scores a touchdown.  Hilarious.  Must teach him Go Big Orange!

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