Monday, September 16, 2013

Fun Fall Weekend

It was a great fall weekend! Saturday we took the boys to a local fruit farm to pick apples.  I was surprised how many people were there but it was gorgeous out so I can't blame them.  It was so cute with animals running around and fun activities for the kids.  The boys loved it!  Love this picture of Matt and the boys!  

You could pay a quarter to feed the goats so we let Ryan try his hand.  Ryan did great and and loved feeding the goats.  Colton was NOT into feeding the animals! So funny!  He just wanted to look at them. 

After seeing the animals we headed out to the apple orchard.  Ryan loved seeing all the apples and finding just the right one to pick.  He did great!

Colton enjoyed it too however he wanted me to hold him the entire time.  Fun!  I think he felt unsure walking in the tall grass and all.  It was all good and he did get down a few times to contribute to the bag.

The fruit farm had a little country store so we stopped in to get some goodies.  We got some apple cider, of course a caramel apple and a cinnamon sugar doughnut.  Yum!  The caramel apple was amazing!  I wish we had gotten two!  

After we left the farm we headed to grab some lunch.  We stopped in this cute sports grill and had the best hamburgers.  It was the perfect fall day in my book....except that the Vols lost to the Oregon ducks. 

Matt and I had a great date night Saturday night.  It was a last minute idea but I'm SO glad we decided to go.  We needed the time away!

Sunday we spent time relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather. 

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