Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

We had a relaxing and quiet labor day weekend around here.  My parents and brother had planned to come up for a visit but my dad had a bad case of vertigo so they decided to cancel the trip.  He didn't want to travel all this way just to be miserable and not be able to enjoy his sweet grandsons.  We missed seeing them so much but know it was for the best they stay home and rest and recoup.  Thankfully he is feeling better.  

Saturday was a super lazy day around here.  It was cloudy and rainy so we ended up staying in all day. The boys slept in til around 9, hallelujah!!!! We stayed in our pj's and I made a huge country breakfast with pancakes, eggs and bacon.  Yuuuuummy!  Around lunchtime Ryan asked "where we were going?"  Ha!  It was nice to stay home, relax and not run off somewhere.  

This morning we all hit the gym for some labor day calorie burning.  We headed out to the pool after our workout.  It's the last pool day of the season so we had to make the most of it.  

The boys had a wonderful time splashing and playing in the pool.  

Ryan did his favorite activity at the pool - jumping off the side.  Matt took Ryan out to the deep end and they practiced swimming.  Matt said he did great and is really improving.  So thankful he loves the water and has improved so much this summer.  

Colton was getting pretty brave today too.  He loved going deeper and jumping off the side holding my hands.  

It was the perfect day for the pool.  My handsome boys!!!

This afternoon Ryan helped me make cookies then did a little school work prep practicing writing his name with Matt.  He usually won't let me help him holding his pencil but Matt did so well working with him.  Great ending to a great day!

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