Monday, September 30, 2013


This past Saturday we headed up to Lebanon for the annual Applefest, one of my favorite things in the fall.  It's basically a festival with local vendors selling homemade goods and as well as delicious apple themed yummies.  There is everything from homemade fall decor to local fruit farms with fried apple pies, cinnamon doughnuts and caramel apples.  

It was so fun and the boys had a blast and enjoyed some yummy food.  

One vendor was telling these Alpaca's sweaters and blankets.  They brought some Alpaca's for the kids to enjoy.  They are so soft and make the sweetest "maa" sounds, almost like a baby!

It was fun just walking around.  I found a wooden pumpkin that lights up to put on my porch!  We finished up by letting the boys play on the firetruck the local fire department had on display.  

Saturday night we were so excited to welcome back some sweet friends who have just moved back to Cincy after being on a job assignment in connecticut the past three years.  They have a little girl Olivia who is three and just adorable.  The boys had the BEST time playing with Olivia.  They were so sad when she had to go home. 

We can't wait to hang out with them again!  

It was a perfect fall weekend!  

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Courtney said...

Applefest sounds like fun,I have never been. Looks like I need to add that to my to do list for next fall.