Friday, September 6, 2013

Five on Friday

I started this post yesterday but my computer went wonky on me so I'm having to use our office computer.  I've had my laptop since 2008 and never had any issues but I'm afraid its' days are numbered.  

So here we are again for 5 on Friday!

1.  Yesterday we had Colton's Meet the Teacher at preschool.  He is going to the same MDO that Ryan did two years ago.  Colton did great and Ryan enjoyed seeing his old teachers.  I'm super excited about Colton's first year in "preschool".  He is going to do great!

2.  The boys also had their dental check ups yesterday.  The boys did really great for the most part.  Ryan didn't hesitate at all jumping up in the chair and opened wide but Colton on the other hand was a little more hesitant.  He was fine walking around exploring but wanted nothing to do with them looking in his mouth.  He was MAD and let them know it.  Ryan did awesome and even got some X-rays done. They both did good and we ended the visit with beautiful clean teeth and of course new trinkets.  

3.  Last night Matt took both boys to CFA for their Father/Son Family Night.  They had a bouncy house and football themed games.  He said they all had a great time.  I love when Matt spends quality time with just his boys.  They are both crazy about their daddy!

4.  I made these super cute and fun strawberries for my new friend Tiffany.  We have some mutual friends and she just joined MOPS this year.  I'm excited to get to know her more this year.  

These are some of my favorite cookies to make!

5.  And I'm SO excited about what came in the mail today!!!!  These cookie cutters were designed by the talented Sweetsugarbelle.  She is SO amazing and has the most beautiful cookies.  It's a pencil, school bus and cookie jar in case you can't tell, ha! 

That's about it for this Friday night!  Hope everyone has a great and fun weekend


Seriously Kate said...

I really need to get my kiddo to the dentist... I know it won't be pretty though. I think I'd heard somewhere they need to be there by the time they turn three - clock is ticking! :)

Those cookies look awesome!

Have a lovely weekend!


Kitty and June said...

You are sooo talented! Love your designs!