Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Zoo Day

We decided to take the boys to the zoo on Saturday morning.  It was cloudy and a little chilly but we decided to brave it anyway.  Thankfully that meant it wasn't crowded.  We got there around 10 and saw the giraffe's first.  They are my favorite.  Our zoo has a one year old baby giraffe so that was neat.  

The boys loved seeing the lions although they kept asking why the lions were sleeping.  That prompted me to sing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight".  Ha!

Of course Ryan kept begging to ride the train.  It's always his favorite part of the zoo.  

We had lunch after the train ride and saw a few more animals before it was time to go.  It was our first time to go this year and I'm so glad Matt was able to go with us.  It was a great time and we can't wait to go again.  

Colton was a little scared all the way on top of that turtle.  He was laughing two seconds after we took him off.  Silly boy!

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