Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Muffins with Mom

Today was muffins with mom at Ryan's preschool!  Do you see this sweet boy?  Don't let that little smirk fool you, he was so excited to have his mommy at school.  He's so funny!  We had such a fun time and I am SO thankful to spend the morning with my favorite three year old.  Who by the way he tells me all the time he will be four years old in June.  

Ryan's little friends at school singing for all their moms.  Ryan is in the back on the right hand side.  You can barely see his head.  The kids were adorable singing!  His teacher told me today that he loves to sing in chapel and always sings loud.  Many nights I hear him in his room singing after we put him to bed.  It's all music to my ears!  

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