Friday, May 17, 2013

Last Day of Preschool

Yesterday was Ryan's last day of 3 year old preschool!  He told me the other night that he's going to miss school.  I'm going to miss it too!  Ryan has loved school this year.  He always wakes up excited about school and he adores his teachers.  He talks about his classmates all day!

I can't believe how much Ryan has grown in the last nine months.  His wonderful teachers put together this little brag book with pictures of all the things they did this year.  Precious!  It also included "about me" info from the first day of school and the last.  He gained 4 pounds this year and whole inch in height.  Getting so big!

 I love this comparison picture.  He looks so mature now.  

I know we are both going to miss school but I'm looking forward to the fun stuff we have planned this summer.   We already busted out the water table this week and the boys were in heaven.  

Ryan and his sweet and fabulous teachers.  They have been awesome and Ryan just adores them.  He prays for them each night before bed.  I was totally fine yesterday when I went to pick him up but then lost it when I saw his teachers crying.  I am so thankful they love the kids and enjoy their job.

And I've been busy this week with more cookies orders.  I did four more cookies jars for friends and these fun cookie monster cookies.  

I like the apples with polka dots.  Next time I'm going to write the teachers' names on the apples.

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