Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Derby Day

On Saturday night Matt and I went to a Kentucky Derby party!  It was SO fun and we had the best time!

Here are the amazing hosts, Jarrod and Laura!  Laura throws the best parties.  Her attention to detail is impeccable and everything is just beautiful.  She put together a fun southern menu for the derby party including pork tenderloin sandwiches, mini hot browns, mini key lime pies, meatballs and mini kentucky derby pies.  

I made these fun and adorable jokey shirts and girlie hat cookies for the party!

It was SO fun!  All the ladies dressed up and wore beautiful hats while the guys dressed up in suits.  Of course Matt was not thrilled to dress up.  They had betting on the races and Matt actually won $174.00 on the race.  He only bet $2 but he put it on Orb (the winner) and no one else bet on him.  Woohoo!  Way to go sweetie!  Don't forget, mother's day is next week! ;)

My friend Kristin and I.  Love her pretty hat.

Our dear friends Jayne and Rick.  
Laura had this little bar set up and instructions on making mint julips and other drinks.  Such a great idea!

Gail and her husband (never got his name, oops) and Betsy

Sarah and I.  

I was getting ready before the party and Ryan was watching Disney on our bed.  I put my hat on and he goes "mommy, you look like a cowboy".  HA!  I laughed so hard.  Not exactly what I was going for but I guess that's all he knows that wear hats.  

Kristin, Nicki and Laura

Jayne and I

Jayne, Paula and Laura  
These ladies are so funny and had us in stitches.  

We had the BEST time laughing and sharing stories.  My face was seriously sore when we left from smiling and laughing so much.  We decided we need to make it a yearly event.  

Cheers to Orb and next years Derby Party!!!

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