Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy Monday

We had a fun low key weekend around here!  It was nice to stay home on Friday night and just relax and veg out.  Friday has become my day to run errands so after the gym in the morning we ran over to Target and Costco.  

Saturday afternoon we went to our friends Will and Caroline's birthday party.  It was at a big indoor playground and bounce house place.  The boys had THE BEST time playing and running all over the place.  They were all sweating and red faced while high on sugar from the birthday cake.  To say they crashed like a rock at bedtime was an understatement!!  We were all exhausted!  Thanks Joseph's for a great party and wearing the kiddos out! Loves!
We have been having these alot around here.  For a treat for finishing dinner, the boys get a popsicle.  Ryan's favorite flavor is orange right now and Colton eats whatever I give him - shocker, ha!  I love popsicles!  Banana is my favorite!

The boys have been having the time of their lives playing with the water table in the backyard.  They could play for hours!!!  They ask to go out every single day at least five times!  I love it because they play forever while I sit and relax and get some sun.  

We met up with Jennifer and Bret for lunch at CFA today!  Ryan always has the best time playing with Bret.  Bret was showing Ryan his new leap pad and game.  

This little cutie enjoyed a great lunch and totally thought he was a big boy playing in the playground.  He seriously thinks he owns the place!  I guess that's because we are there at least once a week!  He is getting so big!  He just melts my heart!  

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