Monday, May 14, 2012

Where we've been!

 Last week our family of four traveled to Disney World!  It was quit the trip!  Exhausting and hard as a parent but a very fun and good trip!  We left on Saturday morning and headed to Orlando.  We stayed at the Wilderness Lodge and it was so neat and beautiful!

We took over 600 pictures so I'm going to break up these posts over a few days!  Prepare yourself for a picture overload!  

 All of our "stuff" including our "keys to the world".  Literally they were.  They were our keys to our hotel, park passes and dinning plans cards.  

I have to give it to Disney and my college friend Becky who is our Disney travel agent.  She was amazing and made all our reservations and everything was SO organized!  I said they seriously spoke my love language the way everything was laid out and planned to the T with every detail.  
Overall Colton was a breeze on the trip.  He is a great traveler.  He took naps in the stroller and slept great in the pack n play. He was such a trooper and really good.  

 Ryan was good but he definitely had his 2 1/2 year old challenging moments.  We decided to let him sleep in a big bed and after the first night I was just about ready to book our flight home the next day.  He wouldnt go to sleep and then woke and thought it was a party in our room from 1:30-3AM.  Thankfully after the first night he was so exhausted the rest of the week he went to sleep much better.  We learned two things about Ryan on this trip: 1. he may not get out of his crib til he's 16 and 2. he still needs a nap EVERY DAY.  
 The boys on our first real day getting ready to board the boat bound for the Magic Kingdom!
 I've dreamed about taking this picture in front of the Magic Kingdom with my family!  It was 9AM and already at 90 degrees.  
 Our first stop was meeting Mickey Mouse!  Ryan had a complete meltdown.  He does not do well waiting in line and we had to wait in three separate lines to meet the big man.  I think he got a little overwhelmed when it finally came our turn but thankfully he rose to the occasion and gave Mickey a high five and tolerated a picture.  After that he LOVED meeting the characters and would run up and give them hugs.  

 Matt and Ryan riding the first ride, the Carousel.  Ryan loved it and asked to ride the horses the rest of the day!
 Colton napping in the stroller and Ryan eating his first of many ice creams at Disney.
 The parade on main street near cinderella's castle.  We meet up with our awesome friends the Weavers.  We LOVED getting to see and spend three days with Adam, Katie and Lillian Grace.  
 Ryan and Lillian Grace waiting in line at "It's a Small World".  They were so cute and loved playing together.  
 Katie and Lillian Grace on "It's a Small World".  
You have to ride Dumbo if you go to Disney.  I was so excited to take Ryan on Dumbo.  He loved it and wanted to ride again and again.  
On the PeopleMover in TomorrowLand.  It was nice to get out of the heat and sit down for a little bit.  Look how tired Colton looks!  We headed back to the hotel for rest and naps soon after this ride.  The boys were exhausted and so were we!

Stayed Tuned for Meeting Mickey's friends and Epcot

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