Friday, May 25, 2012

Welcome Summer

To me, Memorial Day Weekend is the official beginning of summer.  We had a great time kicking off our first day of summer.  We started the day by meeting our friends Will, Caroline and Ashley at the pool.  We packed up our lunch and headed out for a fun day at the pool.  Ryan LOVES the pool and couldn't wait to get there.

The kiddos played in the baby pool jumping and splashing having the times of their life.  So glad Colton did great and took a short nap in the stroller.

We ate lunch at the pool then headed home for naps.  The boys were wiped out from playing so hard and went down easily for their naps while I ran on the treadmill.  

Thankfully Colton has been sleeping better the last few days but still not taking his wubby much.  I wish he would sleep longer like he was but I'm just glad he's not crying for thirty minutes after I put him down. 
 After naps this afternoon I decided to take the boys for our first snow cones of the summer!  Yummy!  Ryan got his usual banana and I had strawberry.  When we got snow cones last summer Ryan would make the biggest mess and would be sticky from head to toe, ha!  I always got him banana since it's yellow and wouldn't stain anything.  He proved today that he's growing up and did so good.  I think next time I will let him pick the flavor. 
 Colton enjoyed a bite or two but didn't really know what to do with the sweet and cold treat.  

Tonight Ryan helped me make homemade pizza.  He helped sprinkle the cheese and pepperoni's.  I used pioneer woman's dough recipe and it was awesome.  Great pizza!  We will definitely be making it again!

Big news around here: Colton is finally CRAWLING!!! Yay!  He started crawling soon after we got home from Disney.  He is army crawling and definitely making his way around.  Yesterday he pulled up on his knees a few times and would rock back and forth.  I'm sure soon he will be crawling fast.  

The days of putting him down with his toys and knowing he's not going to get into anything are over!  I love it though and so glad he is moving and getting curious!


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