Thursday, May 24, 2012

Graduation Cookies

 I made these adorable graduation cookies for my friend Jayne whose daughter just graduated from high school.  
Jenna is headed to Ole Miss in the fall and is so excited!
She had a joint party with her friend who is going to Miami University in the fall.  
These turned out so cute and I really enjoyed making them.


Summer said...

Holy cuteness Summer! Have you started your own business yet?!?! If not, what are you waiting for lol?!?! You are so talented girl, if your cookies taste as good as they look, you rock!! I love the lil grad hats, I wish you lived closer, I would so have bought some for Kelcee, she graduated pre-school, what!! I know, shocking that I have a little that is gonna be in Kindergarten in the fall!! I love the University cookies to very cool!

How are your littles? Missed you girl! Do you know that now counting you I know quite a few Summer's crazy huh!

Summer-met her through friends this year, she has a little K's age and they love playing together

Summer- from NYC met her from blogging, we are now super great friends, bestie friends

Summer- known her since we were littles. We went to school together and was the only other Summer I knew until recently

and now you...holy mother of Summer's hahahahahaha!


kath-e said...

Summer, LOVE these Miami cookies!! This would make a great addition to our Grad Party this spring. Can you tell me what you would charge to make these for me?? ~Kath