Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's the little things

We have had a pretty quiet boring week around here but there are a few fun things I want to remember that happened this week!


 *  This week has gone by so quickly.  Last week we had to bundle up going outside and this week it's been HOT.  Today we had a high of 84.  We went on a walk with our neighbors and we were all sweaty by the time we got home.  Ryan rode his bike and played so hard.  He should sleep great tonight!

*  We walk to out neighborhood pond many afternoons.   We have three white ducks and two geese that live at the pond.  The geese just had five babies last week and they are so cute.  We love to see them.  Today I was pointing out the babies and Ryan said "aw so cute".  He hears me say that all the time.

*  The other night we had just finished dinner when one of Ryan's favorite new shows "Doc McStuffins" came on Disney.  The show is really cute and has a very catchy song into.  I usually sing it every time it comes on.  The show started and Ryan looked at me and said "Sing it Mommy, Sing it"!  Oh I laughed so hard and thought it was so cute.  

*  I have always loved the Berenstain Bears since I was a little girl.  I saw this book the other night and thought it was time to introduce Ryan to the BB's.   For the most part Ryan minds us well and says yes mam and yes sir.  This book is great and Ryan loves it. 

    *  I got my new pioneer woman cookbook this week!  Exciting!!!  I just flipped through a few recipes and I can hardly wait to try some new recipes.  Everything looked and sounded SO GOOD!  I pretty much think everything PW makes is good.  

    What's going on in your world this week?


    Jill said...

    Hey, just happened to click into kelly's blog and I didn't link up yet but saw you are from SW cincy. We just moved to that area...actually in Liberty Township. Thanks for posting!!

    Jo said...

    Hi Summer! I'm also stopping by from Kelly's Korner. :) You have a lovely blog, and the cutest boys! I saw in your profile that you attend an amazing church...I'm curious which church as I'm hoping to check some out in the area since I've moved closer to Cincy as well! :) Blessings on you and your family!

    Sassy said...

    Your little boys are adorable!! I'm also stopping in from Kelly's. I am in north central Ohio which is a little far from where you are but I don't meet Ohio bloggers very often so thought I would say hi. :)Look forward to reading more of your blog!

    Nicole Rodriguez said...

    I completely agree about The PW! We have loved all her recipes that I have tried!