Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Animal Kingdom

On Tuesday, May 8, we headed to Disney's Animal Kingdom.  Ryan loves animals so I was looking forward to going to this park.  We meet our friends the Weavers at the park.  (Side note: we referred to Magic Kingdom, Epcot etc... as parks so now when I tell Ryan we are going to the park he thinks we are going to Disney, lol.  I have to explain it's the park with swings and slides, ha.)

 Our day started out great and we looked forward to seeing some cool animals at the park.  
Matt and the boys heading into the park.

How cute is Lilian Grace?  She is such a doll!

As soon as we got in the park Adam and Katie wanted to ride the coaster Everest so we headed that way.  Neither Matt nor I are riders so we watched the kiddos while they rode the coaster.  We then headed to our brunch reservations at Tusker House.  We were all looking forward to yummy breakfast and seeing the characters.  When we arrived I realized that Colton didn't have his wubby - the most prized possession of this little 10 month old.  I took off back to the coaster looking everywhere for it.  I knew it had just fallen out of the stroller on our journey to Tusker House.  

I searched but couldn't find it anywhere.  I made it back Tusker House and seriously had a breakdown. I knew that this was going to be a looong day if we couldn't find that wubby.  Colton had been great about sleeping in the stroller but I knew he wouldn't sleep without his wubby.  I was a mess!  So Thankful Matt, Katie and Adam calmed me down and assured me it would all be ok.  We made it through brunch without any big issues.  (Matt went to the baby center and got another paci but it wasn't the same one he was used to so he wouldn't suck on it.)

Long day story later we finally got the wubby back from lost and found just in time for our early dinner.  Thank goodness.  It was a rough day to say the least. 

Ryan enjoying a hug from Mickey!
 Ryan loves Goofey!  
 Goofey even posed to take a picture with Colton.  I loved it when the characters paid attention to Colton even though he honestly had no clue who they were or cared much less.  I thought it was sweet they took the time to interact with him.  
 I think Ryan has a crush on Daisy.  He would get so excited when he saw Daisy and if she wasn't around he would be asking "Where's Daisy".  
 Love this sweet and cute boy!  I could eat him up!
 Lillian Grace has twin baby brothers at home and she loves babies!  She was so interested in Colton. 
 On the Safari ride.  Minutes before getting on this ride Colton was tired and ready for his nap. As we were in line waiting he starts getting fussy so I picked him up.  He started screaming, arching his back and wiggling like crazy.  He was tired and just wanted his wubby and to go to sleep.  I felt awful.  It was awful.  Finally once we got on this very bumpy jeep safari he conked out in my arms.  Praise the Lord he slept through all the rough terrain and even after we got off.  
 It was the coolest safari ride.  The animals were right there.  Ryan loved it and kept calling out the names of the animals.
 Animal Kingdom has the coolest "Tree of Life" in the middle of the park.  It's not a very good picture of it but you can kinda see it in the background.
 Katie and Lillian Grace - with Adam in the background
 Ryan didn't eat very much at our late breakfast so we stopped and got him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  The kid totally missed out on some good food.  Hope he grows out of his picky eating habits soon.
 One of the highlights of the day for Ryan was meeting Minnie Mouse.  He ran up and gave her a hug and a kiss.  He posed so proud for the picture.  
 This picture seriously cracks me up.  Lillian Grace loved the long as they kept their distance.  She was fine until they got bout 10 feet from her, then she would scream bloody murder.  Hilarious!  
 We ate dinner at the Rainforest Cafe.  Thankfully I retrieved Colton's wubby from lost and found right before dinner.  He was tired and ready for another nap.  He fell asleep in my arms soon after we sat down to dinner.  

Ryan and Lillian Grace were burning off some energy (I have no idea how they had any left since we had been going ALL day) by running and chasing each other.  Ryan would say "Lillian Grace, come here Lillian Grace".  Simply adorable!
 There's LG checking out Colton again!  It was a long day at Animal Kingdom but it was fun and definitely a park I would like to go back to.  

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