Monday, May 21, 2012

Party Weekend

 This weekend was great!  Last week I was swamped, in a good way, with cookie and cake orders.  I will post some of the cookies later this week!  I love making cookies and cakes for family and friends.  

I have so many people tell me all the time that I should go into business with my sweets.  Well, I sorta have.  I do sell my cookies and cakes.  Mostly I sell to friends and family and friends of friends.  I would love to grow my business but right now my priority is my boys.  Maybe once they are in school full time I can look into opening a bakery, a real dream.  Until then I will enjoy making sweet treats for friends and family.  
 On Saturday we went to Caroline's first birthday party at Recreations Outlet.  Her brother Will just turned 3 so they wanted a small cake for him to celebrate.  I loved the way it turned out.  I found a picture online and just tweaked it a little and created a vision for what I wanted.
Caroline's smash cake.  
 I made these cupcakes for all the guests at the party. 
Heather was fabulous and said to take the theme ladybugs and Cars and go with it.  
 My sweet friend Heather and her adorable little ladybug
 We love the Joseph family and so thankful to call them friends!
 Heather was showing Will his Cars cake!  He was so excited and wanted to dig in right then.
 Caroline was the cutest ladybug I'd ever seen.  I love her bow with the little antlers.  I told Heather that if we have a girl down the road I must borrow this adorable tutu.  
 Ryan had a blast at the party.  He was running, jumping and bouncing on everything.  The boy was covered in sweat when we left.  He has so much energy.  He was having the time of his life. 
 Caroline digging into her smash cake.  She couldn't wait to eat it.  Her favorite were the fondant dots, haha!  Fondant doesn't taste that great so we had to show her the yummy buttercream icing and cake.
 Look who else couldn't wait to eat some cake???  Hilarious!  Mom and Dad were enjoying some cake as well!
It was such a fun party and we all had a blast.  Thanks to the Joseph's for throwing a terrific bash and we can't wait to hang out again.  


Courtney said...

What a fun party. Both of the cakes are awesome. You have a wonderful talent!

Jay and Amanda Lemonds said...

Your cupcakes and cakes always amaze me they are so good! Wish you lived closer and I would use you! :)

Heather Joseph said...

Summer!!! oh my gosh, first of all...the disney pictures are amazing. of course. i was so happy to hear you were totally worn out from the big disney vaca too...helps me know i am not going crazy!
the party pics are precious, we love you and are so glad you guys were there!!!