Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Character Dinner and Epcot

On Sunday, our first real day at Disney, we had dinner reservations at Chef Mickey.  It's one of the most popular places to meet and eat dinner with your favorite disney characters.  Ryan loved it and had a blast!  
Meeting Mickey again!  Definitely his favorite by far!
Who doesn't love Goofy?

As the characters made their way around the restaurant they would break into song and dance.  Ryan loved it. 
Look at the smile on that face!!!  He was in love!

After Chef Mickey we met back up with the Weavers and headed over to the Magic Kingdom to watch the light parade and fireworks show.  It was a late night for the boys and they really did awesome.  Such troopers.  Ryan loved the light parade.  He wasn't as excited with the fireworks but I'm sure that's because he was wiped out. 
On Monday we headed to Epcot!
Of course we had to take a picture in front of the big golf ball!
We rode the Finding Nemo ride and it was very cute! 
In front of Japan at Epcot.  Epcot has some neat things but not my favorite park.  Not very much for kids.  Matt on the other hand loved Epcot.  He loves all kinds of foods and wished it was "taste of Epcot" so he could sample all the foods of the different countries. 
Some of Ryan's favorite guys - Lighting McQueen and Tow Mater!
We ate dinner at Teppon Edo.  This was the highlight for Matt.  He LOVED the food and could eat there every night.
These flower topiaries were apart of the Epcot Flower Show.  They were so neat!

Lastly, two, I mean three very tired boys after a long day at Epcot.  We were all exhausted and hit the hay as soon as we got back to our hotel. 

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Tiff said...

Ryan looks SOO happy in these!! too cute!