Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

 This is one of my very favorite pictures of Ryan and Colton to date!  Love it!  

We've had a wonderful holiday weekend!  Saturday we went to our friends neighborhood pool to swim.  They have three boys and their youngest is Ryan's age and a good friend of his.  Ryan had a blast with his buddy Bret!   We played, ate lunch and came home for naps.  

Saturday night my sweet in-laws came over to watch the boys so Matt and I could have a date night out.  We went to Longhorn for dinner then made a few returns at the store.  It's so much easier when you don't have to get two kids in and out of the car.  

 Sunday we went to church and came home for lunch and nap time.  This picture of the boys is so cute.  I was tickling them trying to get them to smile.  

After naps we went to a cookout with our small group.  So bummed I didn't get any pictures.  Ryan had the best time playing!  He was running around outside, playing on the swing set, playing in the sprinkler.  He was so hot and sweaty.  It was great to see our friends and hangout too.  They loved on Colton and enjoyed playing with him.  

 Today was great!  We went to the gym this morning to workout then took the boys out to the pool.  Colton was fussy since it was close to his nap time.  He finally conked out in the stroller for a little nap. I realized today that it's going to be a lot harder this year taking the boys to the pool by myself.  Matt was with me today but it was still hard.  We will definitely still go but it will be challenging.  Ryan LOVES the pool and seriously had the best time.  He was so upset when we had to leave.  

 I took this picture yesterday before leaving for church.  I asked Ryan to get daddy's shoes out of the closet.  He went to the closet and brought back these, my rain boots.  We laughed so hard!!!!  This boys is so funny!  We laugh all the time!

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