Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Old Friends and Teacher Gifts

After college I lived back home in Memphis and got involved in my churches singles' ministry.  I met some lifelong friends during that time in my life and made some awesome memories.  Two of those friends are Kate and Bob.  We ran around in the same circle and sooon after meeting Kate and Bob began dating.  They eventually got married a few months before we did.  

Kate and Bob now reside in NW Arkansas.  Bob's parents recently moved here to Loveland.  Small world.  And they go to our church!  How crazy is that?
Well Kate and her daughter Madeline are in town this week so we got the pleasure of going to the park with them and grabbing lunch at our favorite - CFA.  We had the best time visiting with them and hanging out!  
As I mentioned last week I was in baking mode.  I made these adorable cookies for Ryan's teachers at MDO.  I saw this adorable idea online and I knew I had to make these for his teacher gifts.  
They turned out so cute!  The tag says "Thank you for teaching me and making me one 'smart' cookie this year".


Tiff said...

Colton is too cute!! And those cookies are SOOO cute!!!! love the teacher idea!! great job, girl!

Nicole Rodriguez said...

Hope Colton is feeling better! And I am dying over those cookies!!! Such a cute idea!