Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Random Wednesday

We've had a pretty normal low key day today!  I have just a few random thoughts for today!

Two and a half can be a fun age but can also be challenging.  Some days it seems Ryan spends the whole day in time out.  I'm so happy the last few days he has been so sweet and acting so good!  He is eating well, obeying and just being sweet.  Hopefully I didn't just jinx myself, ha!

 Lately when Ryan does something outstanding, like eat something he doesn't usually eat or pee in the potty, I tell him he's a rockstar.  Tonight at dinner he ate everything on his plate!!!  That's so exciting around our house.  We ate pork tenderloin and peaches.  

 Colton seems to be doing much better with teething.  He is eating so much and eating everything I put in front of him.  He is totally my child because he LOVES watermelon.  I love, love, love watermelon!  Today I noticed he picked watermelon off his tray over everything else.  

 I'm so excited I finally got Ryan's second year photo book done.  It came in the mail today and I couldn't wait to see it.  It looks fabulous and I'm so pleased with how it came out.  Now I just need to get on the ball with Colton's first year book and Ryan's third. 

 So I think Ryan is totally ready for potty training.  He has been waking up dry in the morning and after naps.  Lately when I suggest he go sit on the potty he refuses and says "no potty, no potty, diaper, diaper".  So frustrating.  I think it's a totally control issue.  

I want to do the three day potty training method, which is basically cold turkey into big boy undies.  I need to wait a few weeks since he will be in summer camp in the morning all next week.  Today I was asking him what big boy undies did he want to get and he got all excited and wanted to sit on the potty.  So we did and he peed.  

 I printed this sticker reward chart and told him if he gets 10 stickers he could get a milkshake as his reward.  So far he has two stickers.  We will see how this goes. 


Summer said...

Your littles are growing so quickly and are so presh! Yum watermelon! I call Kelcee a rock star and high five her when she does something new too! We did the three day method for Kelcee and it worked great! I will tell you it was exhausting and the second day I called the hubs at work and was about to call it a day and he said but you already came this far ha, I was glad for the pep talk for by day three she was totally number one trained! We put her in big girl panties. I read in the book to give salty foods like pretzels etc., so they will drink more and then ask every fifteen to twenty minutes if they have to go potty it worked really well! I would reward Kelcee with one m&m and she loved it for we never gave her chocolate before! She wet her panties only three times and didn't like the feel of that at all and she learned quickly when she needed to go! It worked really well for us! I bought one of those froggy potties and put it in the hallway and she did great! Number 2 was a bit harder but we did it! Now Kelcee wakes up at night goes potty and then goes right back to bed whoo hoo!! If you have any questions I'm here, girl I'm no expert but I did do the three day method and I think it is so worth it just plan to be homebound and exhausted for three days lol!


Yia-Yia said...

Yup, when you get those big boy undies and he "feels" wet, he will catch on fast. As long as he has diapers, he won't feel the consequences. Good luck!