Friday, May 18, 2012

Our Last day at Disney

 Thursday May 10th was our last full day at Disney.  We hit the Magic Kingdom for our last day.  We started out bright and early!  
Me and the boys at Cinderella's castle looking down main street.
Ryan loved walking down main street and following the trolley track.  I loved main street.  So many cute shops and the neatest architecture.
Watching the parade down main street.  One of Ryan's favorite parts of Disney.  

Ryan and I watching the parade.
After walking about the park and doing lots of rides we decided to go watch the show going on in front of Cinderella's castle.  It was after lunch and super hot.  You can tell the boys were less than thrilled and just plain wiped out.
The show was cute.  We saw Mickey, Minnie, all the Princesses. Peter Pan, Captain Hook and Donald.
After the show it was around 1pm so we decided to head back to our hotel for some rest and naps.  We wanted to rest before our dinner reservations at O'hana later that night.  
On the monorail headed to O'hana at the Polynesian hotel.  The monorail was one of Ryan's favorite things.  Every time he saw it he would say "monrail, monrail".  
Aloha!  The Polynesian hotel was gorgeous!  I've decided if and when we got back to Disney (in many, many years) I want to stay at the Polynesian.  I loved the Wilderness Lodge and highly recommend it but the Polynesian was very cool. 
Such a cutie pie!
Dinner at O'hana was AMAZING!!!  So yummy!!!  It's a Brazilian steakhouse so they bring all these meats to your table including chicken, pork, steak veggies and noodles.  It was all so good!  
Ryan refused to eat anything!  Seriously I don't understand this kid.  I had some peanut butter and crackers in my bag so he ate that for dinner.  Even our waiter Morris (pronounced Mourice) tried to get Ryan to eat broccoli calling it Mickey Mouse broccoli.  He was hilarious and we enjoyed him a lot.  He also brought him a plate of fruit but he wouldn't take one bit.  
We were celebrating Ryan's birthday early so they brought him a cupcake and some ice cream.  They sang happy birthday and let him blow out the candle.  Ryan would blow out the candle then Morris would light it again.  Hilarious!  He let Ryan blow it out about four times. 
We had the most amazing banana bread pudding!  Oh my goodness it was to die for.  
Colton ate so well at dinner.  I love having a child that will eat everything.  I'm going to hold off giving him chicken nuggets, pizza and sweets as long as I can.  He ate chicken and broccoli for the first time and loved it!  He also had watermelon and cantelope and loved them.  
My sweet family!
Like I mentioned we stayed at the Wilderness Lodge.  I loved it and thought it was a great choice for location and accommodations.  We could get to Magic Kingdom by boat or bus and we could take a boat to the Contemporary Hotel then jump on the monorail.  
The Wilderness Lodge was beautiful and I would definitely stay there again.  
The boys were pretty good on the flight home.  Colton fussed for about five minutes until he passed out in my arms.  Thankfully he slept the entire two hour flight.  Ryan on the other hand stayed awake until literally minutes before we landed.  Poor guy just fell asleep at the wrong time.  Ryan and Colton conked out within about five minutes of getting in the car leaving the airport.  They both slept the whole hour and a half ride home.  

We were all exhausted when we got home but wouldn't change it for the world.  We had a very magical time at Disney and we look forward to taking the boys again...when they are much older, hahaha!

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