Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What's New

This sweet little boy fed himself cheerios tonight. Can't believe he can already do that! He also loves to eat baby mum mums. They are these rice wafer cakes for babies. I think they melt as soon as it hits your mouth. Colton loves them!

Yesterday he tried a real banana. I was eating one and would give him a tiny, tiny piece. He loved it. He doesn't seem to have the texture issue with food like Ryan did. Ryan would never eat a banana, and still won't.

Ryan is completely obsessed with doing puzzles. Today we were getting ready to go to the gym and he kept saying "puzzles, puzzles". His favorite is his states puzzle. His new thing is to show me a state and ask me the name. He also loves his letter and shape puzzles!
The biggest new thing around here is Colton not only has one but TWO teeth coming in! His two bottom teeth are so close to coming in. The one on the right is almost all the way through and the left is just right under the skin. Thankfully Colton is not acting fussy or really bothered by his teeth. He just wants to chew on and put everything in his mouth.

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