Wednesday, February 15, 2012


The first thing that came out of Ryan's mouth this morning was "get in mommy's bed"! Of course I said "yes". For the second day in a row we snuggled in bed and watched Mickey Mouse. I felt like Colton was still a little sick so we skipped the gym and I worked out during the boys nap.

I took Colton in for his 2nd flu shot today. He was SO happy this morning so I think he is on the mend.

It's amazing to me how different these two brothers look! I think Colton is going to be a lot different than Ryan. He seems to be chill and laid back. Ryan is busy and always in to something. It will be interesting to see Colton's personality.

This was my Valentine's gift to Matt yesterday. It says "50 Reasons Why I Love You". It was an inexpensive and thoughtful present. Matt loved it and was really surprised!

And this is what my sweetie got me! A very cute card and a jar with notes that said why he's thankful he married me. Isn't that so sweet? I was so touched and loved his very thoughtful gift.

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