Friday, February 24, 2012

Frenzy Friday

What a hectic morning!!! I am ignoring all the cleaning that I really need to do and relaxing on the couch chilling out. This morning we went to the gym. We were planing a lunch date with friends so I had lots of get ready for me and the boys before we headed out the door.

We were coming out of they gym when I realized I had forgotten to pack formula for Colton's bottle! Ughhhhhh!! What am I going to do?

(Ryan wanted to wear a burp cloth over his shoulder this morning, ha! He might have seen me do that a time or two with Colton, hahaha!!!)

We were already running a little late for our lunch date to CFA. Well we stopped by Walmart, thankfully it was on the way to CFA, totted two kids into Walmart and of course the formula is all the way at the back of the store.

I HATE Walmart and only go there if I have to. Of course there were no self check out lines and the shortest line I jumped in the cashier had to do a price check on eggplant. Oh gracious! Finally we made it to lunch and I was just a tiny bit frazzled!!

My friend said "do you ever just feel like you are just running around". Uhm YES, all the time! Ha! I found out today what it's like with two kids! Ryan was hungry for lunch and Colton hadn't napped and was super hungry for his bottle. Thankfully everyone got fed and we enjoyed hanging out with our friends.

So thankful for boys that nap so well. Colton was asleep before we left the parking lot and fell right back to sleep in his crib once we got home. I put Ryan down and he was singing his ABC's and saying his colors for a little while before he finally fell asleep! Sweet boys!!!

Now it's time to get ready for the four birthday parties we have this weekend!!! Party on!

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