Monday, February 27, 2012

Party Palooza

This weekend we had FOUR parties to attend. To say it was a busy weekend is an understatement, ha! Our first party was Quinn's first birthday party. Ryan was super excited to go play at Elizabeth's house and of course he was looking forward to birthday cake, ha! By the way, the kid is in a food comma from all the birthday cake in the last two days.

The birthday boy Quinn and his sweet momma Anissa! We love hanging out with them and can't wait to hit up some parks when the weather gets warmer.

Ryan ususaly HATES hats! He has always refused to wear one. He saw Quinn wearing his birthday hat and he became intrigued. He was walking around wearing the hat having the best time. Silly boy!

Our second party was a post Valentine's chocolate and champagne couples party with MOPS. We dropped the kids off at home with Matt's parents and quickly headed to our next party of the evening. We had a wonderful time. Played the newlywed game and had a blast chatting with friends!

Sunday Ryan's friend Bret had his 3rd birthday party right after church. We enjoyed lunch and a dinosaur themed birthday party. It was a lot of fun and Ryan enjoyed playing with his buddies.

Ryan and I came home to take a short nap then we headed to Chuck E Cheese for Cooper's 2nd birthday party. This was Ryan's first experience at CEC.

There was so much to see and do there. It was almost a little overwhelming to him (and us). He enjoyed playing some games. Of course we tried to teach him out to play skeet ball but he didn't quit have enough strength to throw the ball far enough. It was fun nonetheless. He enjoyed the games that were geared more towards his age.
Colton loved all the lights and sounds. He was bouncing up and down in my lap and taking in all the excitement.

Ryan loved Chuck E Cheese and kept saying his name. Surprisingly he wasn't afraid of him at all.
We only lasted about an hour and a half and it was just time to go. Ryan had had too much cake and really played all the games there was for him to play. The boys came home and crashed! We crashed shortly after putting the kids the bed!

It was a fun weekend and now we are partied out!!!

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